The Open Door

by Mike Ratliff

And having gone through the Pisidia they went into the Pamphylia and having spoken in Perga the Word they went down to Attalia and from there sailed off to Antioch, from where they having been commended by the grace of God to the work they had fulfilled. Having arrived and gathered the assembly together they declared all that God had done with them and opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. And they remained no little time with the disciples. (Acts 14:24-28 a personal translation from the Greek text)

Not all of the letters to the churches from our Lord in the book of Revelation were as harsh as the one to Laodicea. In his letter to the church in Philadelphia he commended their faith and good works. In that letter He made one marvelous statement (v8) that we will be the focus of this post. Continue reading