Christian Maturity and How it Relates to Discernment

by Mike Ratliff

Not that I have already received or have been completed, I press on that, if possible, to apprehend it because Christ Jesus has apprehended me. (a personal translation of Philippians 3:12)

There is no small ruckus going on right now online within the “discernment” ministries because of Dan Kimball’s reaction to the interview done with him by our brother Chris Rosebrough followed up by many comments by other members of the CRN team. Kimball has suggested that those of us who minister in these areas to turn our discernment inward for a change. His charge is, of course, that he does not consider what we do of any value to the Kingdom of God. Of course, I have seen some who claim to do what we do who really shouldn’t and in that I agree with him, but then again, that is no different than those apostates whom we expose almost daily by comparing what they do, say, write, preach, and teach against the only standard that counts, the Word of God. You see, that is why not everyone should attempt to do this. I have seen so many with good intentions get gobbled up as soon as they have gone head to head with some determined apostate who knew how to manipulate the English language and intimidate people. Sigh… In any case, I digress… Let’s look at a short passage from the book of Philippians not usually associated with “discernment,” but more with growing in Christian maturity.  Continue reading