I will be out of town through November 28th to be with family and to express our thanks to our Lord for all that He has provided for  us. None of it is earned or deserved. I pray that you spend time this Thanksgiving in prayer and worship of awesome God from a truly grateful heart – Mike Ratliff.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Mike, Have a blessed time with your family. Thank you for being diligent in doing the work that God has prepared for you to do. You are so right in your posting, to make sure it is all about God . I’ve been to many Thanksgiving diners where we would go around and say what we are thankful for. We would seldom mention who we were thanking or more importantly, why. It ends up being a “what I ‘m happy about” , more than who I am thankful to go around. What if we spent as much time talking about God and His qualities and as we do about how He has provided for us. What a great opportunity to witness to loved ones. Jesus says this may cause division, but consider the eternal consequences.
    There, I have convicted and challenged myself. Paul


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