6 thoughts on “Harold Camping Post May21 Press Conference

  1. That’s right Rick and if you listened to the the debate plus this then you couldn’t have missed his continual proclamation that the Bible is too complicated to understand just by reading it. No, it has to studied within his hermeneutic which is that is ALL in Parable language, that is, in code that only those selected by God can understand it. That means when Paul wrote those Epistles that those who received them couldn’t get the real meaning of what Paul was writing just by hearing them being read or by reading them themselves. No, they can only be understood by those who have the understanding of this secret Parable language that Camping understands. That makes it pretty convenient for making prophecy out parts of the Bible are not about that at all and then when proven wrong saying that it was just a misunderstanding. His understanding of the Gospel is that salvation must be OUTSIDE of the Church sure is quirky too. I actually think this whole thing coming to light is a gift to the Church. There has been an awful lot of attention lately focused on what Camping and others have been saying about the Church being under judgment and that we should all just get out, et cetera. Well, I have no problem leaving and telling other to leave apostate churches, but that does not mean all churches are apostate. We are in a period of spiritual darkness and God has allowed some charlatans to take over much of the visible church, but that does not mean all the church because our Lord promised he would always build His Church and the Gates of Hades would never prevail against it. Therefore, even though it may be hard to find a good church in some areas like where I live, I have found a few that are Biblical. I think the Purpose Driven/Seeker Sensitive fad can only run so long before God’s people will wake up to their need for true spiritual sustenance. That is, unless our Lord returns first, which is not in anyway a thing any of us can know beforehand it is going to happen. I think things can very well get darker before they get lighter. All we can do is continue to work and pray that the Truth be manifest and be made known more and more and that God use us as He will no matter the cost.

  2. Lost in this whole date issue is that Camping denies the reality of hell, and in the Mp3 he presents his theology based upon a “compassionate” God. That is an old bait and switch routine that denies the complete character of God.

    When a theology or a prophetic reality is known by only one man, then you can be assured it is a lie, unless Peter’s writings were not inspired. I do agree that God will use this entire debacle to bring those who hear His voice closer to Him.

    Looking unto Jesus…

  3. Amen Rick. Yes, the doctrinal errors in both the debate and in his news conference were amazing. His point seemed to be that he was rejecting everything that he saw as just tools churches used to manipulate people to become members. The man rejects the literal reading of the Word of God and goes for the spiritual or allegorical reading instead so he can make up whatever he wants. As I have said many times, once a person, no matter how solid their profession of faith has seemed to be in the past, starts circling the drain of apostasy, it is just a matter of time time that they reach the point of no return and Camping did that long ago. Professions of faith are easy. Pietism is easy. Walking by faith, obeying God even when it is extremely unpopular with the masses, as long as we abide in Christ through it all, then our faith is proven and we will not apostatize as Camping has done in his fulfilling of 1 John 2:19.

  4. If Camping thinks he is the only one who can explain the bible and that people need him to understand it, than he did not read Psalm 119:130
    “The unfolding of your words gives light;
    it imparts understanding to the simple.”

    It is sad that so many people follow this false prophet.

  5. He would get upset with that Janet and say that that verse itself is in parable language so… Yes, he is a false prophet and we must make sure the Church knows it.

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