A Documented Case of Persecution

This is actually a continuation of yesterday’s post Therefore Do Not Be Afraid. As I was about to set up a linking post to it over at Christian Research Network I found that the site was down as was Apprising.Org. I contacted Ken Silva. He emailed me back saying he had contacted his ISP. This morning he let me know that whoever had attacked his sites used a Denial of Service Attack so large that it took down the entire server that not only his two sites were on, but many unrelated sites. Such are the self-righteous actions of evil men. If all you can do in the face of documented truth is resort to underhanded violence of some kind then you are indeed pitiful. Praise the Lord that both sites are back online now.

On the other hand, the content of this post will be the actual word for word account by our brother John Bunyan of his arrest and trial and appeal process and how he and his family were treated by those in authority. I pray you take the time to read the entire article for it is heart rending as Bunyan left a wife at home with several children, one of them blind and no one in authority would offer any mercy even though there was no evidence whatsoever that his sentence was just. He remained in prison for 12 years. – Mike Ratliff

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