Christology 101

by Mike Ratliff

The Elephant Room 2 debacle and all the fuss of those coming to James MacDonald’s defense for inviting T.D. Jakes like Mark Driscoll and Rick Warren and our very well-documented opposition to it is still running its course. The determined defense by some of the ecumenical decision should be looked at by us as something important the enemy is seeking to protect as a stronghold of some sort. In any case, when we encounter these things we must be bold in our defense of the truth regardless of how much men like Rick Warren and those like him protest saying we are unloving. They will always sacrifice the truth on the altar of false humility saying it is wrong to offend and we should always seek to build bridges to all even those like T.D. Jakes whose religious views are obviously heretical. The Elephant Room is a forum designed to discuss differences with the intent of breaking down barriers and constructing bridges between those who differ when it comes to doctrine. However, let’s be honest as Bereans. We must continue to check the verity, Biblically, of what is being taught by all who we listen to and who we read. To do otherwise is foolish. We learn from those who speak the truth and we reject those who do not. Period! On the positive side, we must also learn all we can of our Lord’s good doctrines and it doesn’t hurt to know the truth of Church history instead of the misinterpretations of it used by heretics to mislead people. Continue reading