Sneak Attacks from Bottom Feeders et cetera

by Mike Ratliff

I’ve been busy all day and will be all night so I am putting together a quick post with two topics that seemed to me to be very important for me to share with you this day. The first is that as I fight the good fight more and more, our enemy seems to change course and attack from strange directions. I have ceased to be puzzled by this and refuse to be distracted by them, for very long that is, to the detriment of what I should be about. We do not have to take on every fight simply because someone dares us to, especially when those fights have already been fought long ago, and won. The new enemy may be lying and accusing us with all sorts of false charges, but it doesn’t matter. God knows the truth and that is all that is really all that counts. 

There has been a certain graphic on my Facebook page since June 7th of this year. Here is the link. Take a look at the comments, especially from today. I know that four or five years ago I wouldn’t have taken those types of accusations from anyone without turning a full broadside upon them. However, I’m not going to do that in that forum these days. I have learned a lot I guess. To answer this fellow and those who egged him on to do that would be a waste of time. Go read this review of Roger Olson’s book Against Calvinism. I have looked at Mr. Olson before here.

The other helpful link I have for you is a short video from Dr. Michael Horton titled Christless Christianity. I pray that it is as helpful to you as it was for me. Please watch the video at this link.

Soli Deo Gloria!

15 thoughts on “Sneak Attacks from Bottom Feeders et cetera

  1. The graphic is pretty tame to put it mildly. I like it, and I believe it is all true/ So much the more startling that it engenders simmering vitriol below the surface. I had read the Manata review, and although I have a short attention span and some was over my head, I could read and understand and concur with his conclusions that Olson’s reasoning was on faulty ground all around, with little bedrock. I only wish the Horton video was longer. Your review was a good work as usual. Regarding the Olsons and the Pipers and such that I recoil at, I am gradually learning to read what I detest, but I feel like the guy in clockwork orange with my eyes taped open.
    One thing I would offer to you and nearly every blog owner; take charge of cutting off comments sooner when 1 or 2 people hijack them and they become the subject rather than what you brought up. Time and time again I go to blogs and see 80-100+ comments, and towards the end it’s 1 person such as a Catholic or Mormon for example, against everyone else, usually regulars. Healthy discourse is good, but hamster wheeling is not.

  2. …It be not the Papists of the Great Whore, but yea her daughters that flail against ye me doth thinks! These ladys of the darkness dressed well, but not proper, shall be they that seek a hot fire for your comfort no doubt…

    Not that it matters, but does not the “whom shall ever” not point also to a limited atonement?!?!:)

  3. :-) Mickey, that “Whosoever” is not even in the Greek in John 3:16, but as we have seen in our exegesis of the text, it is talking about all those who believe in Christ as Saviour and Lord.:-)

  4. …As in I a human know not those He fore knew and pre-destined. But whomever they are will be made manifest through the Work of the Holy Spirit. I think it was Spurgeon who said I don’t know how to preach to them a God did not mark a yellow line down their backs, so I preach to whosoever will listen…to bad it wasn’t Finney that said that, so we could take this fuss to a new level…:)
    Mike, if we be guilty of ANYTHING, it is that we encourage folks to walk the center of the Narrow Road…Me thinks this is somewhat better then following their receipe of a more broadened road…

  5. Exactly Mickey, that little “bottom feeder” nonsense yesterday, that little aggravation, was from a perspective that I do not even consider Christian for it is full of idols and lies. Did you see the up front accusatory lies? Did you see the arrogance? Did you see “bent” to be factional and generally disagreeable? Why are these people like this? According to Titus 3 these are people who cause dissension for dissension’s sake. Those who refuse to repent of this sin prove they are unregenerate. On the other hand, under conviction from God, those who do repent, prove their salvation is genuine.

  6. I claim no labels, such as Reformed, or Calvinist, or Penticostal, or fallen away “Catha-holic Charis-maniac.” I am simply a guy who realizes he was put in Christ’s Bride by the God of all Creation, through the Work of the Holy Spirit, for the good pleasure of His Son, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I did nothing to earn it. I certainly don’t deserve it. I continually seem to stumble over it. Yet He plucks me up, dusts me off, and ushers me along in it! I have no say in who or how He orchestrates it. Yet i seem to be the guy who received an invitation to it, and I’m dressed like Howdy Doody while everyone else is showing up in tux and gowns. But even in that I am eternally thankful for His Unmerited Grace on such a knucklehead as me…
    I better go now before Mike Henry tunes out! LOL:)

  7. @MM
    Lol, I’m unemployed so I have little to do but be tuned in.

    Regarding: “But even in that I am eternally thankful for His Unmerited Grace on such a knucklehead as me…”
    I hope that extends to your ignoring spell check for Avatar…(snicker):)

  8. This is an ongoing technickle issue I seem to have….How old am I if I knew who Howdy Doody was and an ancient of days like Mike does not?!?

  9. By the way, you seem to have an Avitar stuck inside your Avatar from the looks of thing yourself in that picture of both an Avitar and an Avatar.
    O.K. I seem to be in a mood today…guess I’m an Avatard!

  10. Just like some of the men in pulpits, Mike?!?! Marionettes in pulpits scare me as they echo the echos of echos…

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