Additional Reading on Apostasy

In last night’s post, Apostates, I tried to summarize for you a great deal of very ugly things going on right now in the visible church. Despite what the enemy of your soul tells you, the best thing for you to know is God’s Truth, have a clear statement of belief that is based upon our Lord’s good doctrines, and to know the Word of God clearly without the fog of sentimentality and the intrusion of culture.

In keeping with this push to keep you informed of what is really going on in these things I have two links for you that I suggest you follow and read both articles in full. I assure you that if you do that with a heart open to hear the truth from God that you will be blessed.

The first one is something I have been trying to find a way to express myself for quite some time. I have found it very difficult to understand why anyone would take the likes of Steven Furtick seriously. He is immature and unqualified to be a Pastor and proves it continually with his mixing of “ministry” with pop-culture and his childish reactions to doctrinal criticism directed to his methods and message. Here is the link.

The second one is directed to the sad case of Elephant Room 2. It is by Dr. James White. It is both thought provoking and convicting. Please read it with a heart ready for repentance. Here is the link.

That’s it for now.

Soli Deo Gloria!

2 thoughts on “Additional Reading on Apostasy

  1. Hi Mike,

    First one – I’ve asked myself the same question about a number of “big namers”. The pastoral epistles are super clear on leadership qualifications. Sad times we are living in that these crystal clear instructions seem obscure to so many. Yet Christ told us it would be this way, did He not? But praise the LORD for those who have eyes to see, right? Yes!

    Second – ER2 was a train wreck before it happened. What does the word say about those who are desirous of “controversies”? And about how to handle those who teach unsound doctrine? The only people who need to repent are those who are enamored by this stuff and fall for it hook, line and stinker (typo intentional).

    How do we avoid the snare? Your 2nd sentence is the clincher, well said. I’d only add to your thought: to know the Word of God clearly… “without the vain traditions of man”. 🙂

    The prudent man sees danger and hides, the naive man proceeds and pays the penalty. Again, the sheep hear the shepherd’s voice and a stranger’s voice they will not follow.


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