3 thoughts on “Wycliffe-Gate Update: Pakistan Presbyterian Church says NO to Bible Translations

  1. I read of this on Ken Silva’s site an hour ago and sent the following email to our brother in Pakistan:

    “My dear brother in Christ,

    I read of your God-honoring stand against the wiles of the enemy, regarding certain compromises being made in translating the Bible into Arabic by Wycliffe: http://apprising.org/2012/02/10/wycliffe-gate-update-pakistan-presbyterian-church-says-no-to-bible-translations/

    It brings great joy to my soul to read of brothers who do not bow the knee to the spirit of this age; but stand firm on and under the revealed Word of God, proclaiming God’s Truth rather than man’s fleshly desires.

    I have been opposing the Bible League – an institution I have long supported – because they recently began work on an Arab language Bible in which they use “Allah” for the name of the biblical God.

    All such cultural compromise on essentials must be rebuked and opposed.

    It is my prayer that you and yours continue to stand firm, knowing Christ alone is your refuge in this present hour of need.

    Grow not weary in well doing.”

    He wrote back in a matter of minutes:
    “Thanks for your comments. We will continue to raise our voices on such issues which hurt our faith we inherited from our forefathers.
    Altaf Khan”


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