An Update on my Nephew

My brother-in-law, Travis’ dad, contacted us just a few minutes ago about what will happen tomorrow. Travis will check in to the hospital at 5:15 tomorrow morning, Tuesday August 28.  My sister and my brother-in-law will be there at 5:00 am so they can see him before he goes in.  They want everyone to know how much they appreciate your prayers for him, their family and for the doctors tomorrow.  It’s estimated that the surgery will begin around 5:30 am and will last about six hours.  So we hope to know something around noon tomorrow as to how the surgeon thinks the surgery went.  My brother-in-law said that he would send out information as he got it.


The tumor is the white spot in front of the place that looks like a cavity. They have to remove that part of the brain that is in front of it in order to get to the tumor.