My Nephew is Out of Surgery

Here is the latest update relayed to us:

“Travis is out of surgery, and seems to be doing well. He is in recovery and slowly waking up – most likely the result of the extra medicine that was administered during the surgery. The surgeon described the operation as “challenging” because the tumor had grown about 25% larger since the MRI in Corpus 12 days ago. Dr. Lang felt very confident that he was able to remove almost all of the tumor, but felt certain that individual tumor cells remain.The encouraging news is that Dr. Lang was able to administer the Delta 24 virus at the dosage level that has proven most effective to date. It is likely that Travis will undergo both radiation and chemotherapy to target any remaining tumor cells. Travis will spend some time in ICU and will have a post-op MRI tomorrow to verify the preliminary results from today.
Prayer requests:
1. Travis will continue to wake up and recover full consciousness.
2. Peace for Jennifer (Travis’ wife), family and friends as they absorb and deal with the situation.
3. That the Delta 24 will work as it has shown to do and will provide the CURE for which we all hope and pray.
4. For Jacob (Travis and Jennifer’s oldest son) as he balances starting school with the stress and changes at home.
5. For Connell (Travis and Jennifer’s youngest son) that he will continue to be happy and a source of joy for the rest of the family.”
Please continue to lift them up in prayer my brethren.
Soli Deo Gloria!