My Nephew is Out of Surgery

Here is the latest update relayed to us:

“Travis is out of surgery, and seems to be doing well. He is in recovery and slowly waking up – most likely the result of the extra medicine that was administered during the surgery. The surgeon described the operation as “challenging” because the tumor had grown about 25% larger since the MRI in Corpus 12 days ago. Dr. Lang felt very confident that he was able to remove almost all of the tumor, but felt certain that individual tumor cells remain.The encouraging news is that Dr. Lang was able to administer the Delta 24 virus at the dosage level that has proven most effective to date. It is likely that Travis will undergo both radiation and chemotherapy to target any remaining tumor cells. Travis will spend some time in ICU and will have a post-op MRI tomorrow to verify the preliminary results from today.
Prayer requests:
1. Travis will continue to wake up and recover full consciousness.
2. Peace for Jennifer (Travis’ wife), family and friends as they absorb and deal with the situation.
3. That the Delta 24 will work as it has shown to do and will provide the CURE for which we all hope and pray.
4. For Jacob (Travis and Jennifer’s oldest son) as he balances starting school with the stress and changes at home.
5. For Connell (Travis and Jennifer’s youngest son) that he will continue to be happy and a source of joy for the rest of the family.”
Please continue to lift them up in prayer my brethren.
Soli Deo Gloria!

12 thoughts on “My Nephew is Out of Surgery

  1. Thanks for the update Mike. Happy to hear the Lord has prospered the work of the doctors. I kept thinking about the whole situation and how dangerous it seems to be.

    We are keeping him and his family in our prayers.


  2. Praying for Travis that he might recover full consciousness. Praying for all items you have requested – trusting and asking the Lord Jesus for mercy and His perfect healing, in His blessed name, amen. Heb. 4:16


  3. All, here is the latest from my brother-in-law, Travis’s Dad, and my sister. First from his Dad: (P.S. Tray is Travis’ older brother)

    We just got a phone call from Travis! He sounded great. Tray had spent the night with him in ICU. Travis woke up around 2:00 and started chatting with Tray until about 3:30. For those of you who don’t know Travis, talking has never been one of his favorite activities. Normally, he is a man of few words. But this morning he is chatting away. The last couple of weeks Travis had started having long pauses in his speech pattern. There was none of that this morning. He just sounded really good. Tray said that Travis had started playing with the nurse by turning the light in his room on and off. She had to mask up and gown up in order to come in. And Travis thought it was funny.

    Travis had called Jennifer before calling us and talked to his seven-year-old, which was really a great idea. Jacob had a rough day yesterday, worrying about his dad.

    Thanks for the prayers. This is just a wonderful morning. We will now pray for a speedy recovery and that the Delta 24 virus will do its thing! Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.

    This is from my sister, Travis’ mother:

    Just spoke with Travis on the phone. He sounded great! His speech pattern was back to normal!! God is SO good!

    I agree with my sister, God is SO good! Thank you all for your prayers and for your continued prayers for Travis’ recovery and for God’s grace for him and his family.

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  4. That’s great news! Happy for you all! Praise the Lord’s goodness! We’ll keep praying that he recovers quickly and all things go favorable in the long term.


  5. Hi Mike!
    Just got back form 3 days of government compliance meetings and read these. As you know my son also had brain surgery last July/just over 1 year ago. 5 days after surgery he came home and played the piano after walking in the door. Medical advancements have been amazing. We prayed for the Lord’s Will to be done with our son, and the Lord’s Will to be done in your nephew’s situation as well. Many who hear how we pray scold us for our way of praying, and their assumption of our lack of faith. In reality, we pray as Jesus instructed us to pray in scripture, as well as His example in the the garden.


  6. Hi Mike,
    It’s heartwarming to receive good news after the uncertainties of surgery. As Mickey said and I whole heartedly agree our prayer can only be “Lord, Thy will be done”. And then trust Him to “work all things to the good to them that love God, to those who are called according to His purposes”. If you recall the first time I wrote you was during my recovery from cancer surgery so I do have some knowledge of what you are going through right now. I will pray for God’s peace to all the family of Travis.


  7. I should add that my son’s initial symptom, which was sudden sharp head pain, (not really what we call headaches) still persist to this day. The hoped for relief did not come from the surgery. What did come, was the relief of neurological side effects from the Chiari Malformation, along with potential weakness paralasis and or potential death from what the surgeon at Children’s Hospital called a “whopper of a Chiari!” It was the second largest she ever operated on in over 300 of these operations. What also came from this is a 14 year old (6’4″ and growing) young man who understands and embraces the Truth the His Grace is sufficient! He does not complain but trusts Him in an even deeper way then before. He, as an 8th grade homeschooler also took 9th grade honors classes at a local private school in their IB program in addition to the full curriculum from homeschooling. He did not nor will he ever again be playing football as was his desire before…and he is fine with that as well.
    The scans also show a small benign tumor in the center of his brain which is inoperable which we now know about and can moniter in case it grows and creates future issues. (we all could potentially have one and they go unnoticed till symptoms develop if ever.)
    So yes, we have much we could worry about, and much we could repeatedly pray for from our will, yet we walk His Way, and pray from the perspective of this Truth:
    “When we are in Christ Jesus, and He in us, we do not have to repeatedly enter in and depart from what we feel is His sanctuary. Rather we understand that NOTHING can come against us that He does not already know about nor can He be blindsided by satan. For everything we face is in His Perfect Will for us and our decrease and His Increase! We have already passed through our first death and are resurrected together with Him! So we will never experience the second death having been born again from Above by the Spirit of God being His elect, for His Good Purpose. And while there is NOTHING we bring to this covenant but that which should have earned us a one way trip to the Lake of fire where our worm rightfully should never die, He through His Good Work has rescued justified and now sanctifies us for His good pleasure. Thus for these things…all of them, both wonderful and horrible, we give eternal thanks to Him who is able to deliver us, His Way! Amen!! and Amen?”


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