The Great American Worldview Test

The following is from Dr. Al Mohler: American presidential elections are the world’s most public display of the democratic process. The global media follow the American elections with a fervor that is easily understood — what happens in an American presidential election matters all over the world. Our presidential campaigns are political pageants and electoral dynamos. But, as any honest thoughtful observer will understand, our elections are also great worldview exercises. We reveal our worldview by our vote.

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11 thoughts on “The Great American Worldview Test

  1. Dear Mike,


    Dr. Mohler articulated the very serious differences in the two political platforms. This election is a chance to cast a vote for either the sanctity of life or a culture of death for the innocent. It is to uphold the Institution of marriage which was fashioned according to God’s love to His beloved and is to be honored.

    This is extremely serious and we need to understand the consequences of our actions OR inaction. May God grant us wisdom and discernment in navigating these issues before us.

    Kept only by His grace, charisse


  2. That’s right Charisse. In my nearly 61 years I have never seen such a clear division or dividing line as we have in this election, amen, may God grant us wisdom and discernment in this.


  3. So, my world view is determined by the choice of which party candidate I vote for. My choices are a Marxist Socialist Muslim, or a Fabian Socialist Mormon! Hmm…
    Either way, I will have to repent for my choice!
    Or, I could write in a christian name such as Hucabee or Baldwin, each being preachers and former candidates.
    Frankly, there is no choice here, and yet as the article points out there really is NO CHOICE here.
    Alas alas…


  4. Mickey, I believe the point was that there really has never been a point in the U.S Presidential election hisotry where there is such a huge MORAL gap. Of course, I do not agree with the theology of anyone running for President or Vice-President in this race. However, if the vote goes to Obama and company I would say that this country has descended into the depths of Sodom and Gommora morally. On the other hand, if it goes to Romney then that decline will only be delayed a bit I suppose.


  5. morally it would be best to vote for Romney BUT spiritually it would not be best to vote for Romney. I see Mormonism way more dangerous than the moral issues we face. And don’t get me wrong the morality of our current president is sickening.. However When I think of the whole picture and factor in the end times,, Mormonism will be what will help bring all religions together much easier than a closet Muslim would. Islam is incompatible with all religions. If Romney wins I fear that we may have it better morally in this nation,, but spiritually we will be bankrupting this nation to mormonism. I fear Romney way more than I do Obama. People can see the evil with Obama but with Romney they won’t..Thus people will turn to Mormonism by the truckload. And that’s my take

    I could’t bring my Conscience to vote for either one since I honestly don’t believe Jesus would


  6. Mike and Linda;
    You both are making my point when I said we have no choice, and yet (even so) we have NO Choice! I either will not vote at all, or I will vote for Romney. America’s moral decline is not from our presidental choices but rather from our whoring with the world system. Blind leaders of the blind has never been more true of our pulpits then in the last hundred years! And we all have refused to tear down the strong holds and high places of Baal, forsaking our birthrights for crumbs from satan’s own table. Our wrong choices become our judgement…


  7. Mickey, this is why I use the Puritan terms when referring to the Church i.e. “The Visible Church” and the “The True Church.” The True Church is not part of this false worship of Baal for it is walking in repentance. It is not perfect nor will it ever will be this side of eternity, but the Visible Church consists of both the True Church and the apostate church along side and what you are describing is what the apostate church is doing in full cooperation with the world system. Yes, for those with their eyes opened to these things it is utterly amazing. However, I remember the election in 1960 when my mother voted for Richard Nixon becuause she couldn’t bring herself to vote for JFK a Roman Catholic. However, if you looked at the party platforms at that time between the two there was little difference. Now, the Dems have chucked morals and have gone full tilt after what Western Europe has done, which I will never participate in voluntarily.

    We are to obey Romans 13.


  8. “We are to obey Romans 13.”- I agree that we are to obey Romans 13 when it’s the law, or fill out your census (which is the law) etc IF it’s not against God when it comes to the commands we are given to by Christ such as the Great commission, praying to Jesus Christ etc and then we must follow Christ at this point and not the Government.

    But what do you mean Mike when it comes to voting since it’s not the law of the land? Or were you referring to voting?


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