The Fruit of Compromise

My friend Chris Rosebrough sent a link to the video below to our CRN discussion group today. I have long ago ceased being surprised by these examples of apostasy. The person doing most of the talking in the video is Andy Stanley and, as we have discussed in other posts, he has shown over and over again that he is a leader in what has come to known as the “New Evangelism.” Listen very carefully to what he says about the Word of God in this video and the “reason” he uses to discount it as having any authority in the Church. I have downloaded the video from Youtube so if it is removed from there I still have it. The comments there were pretty much what I expected. Those who support Stanley as their “teacher” whom they have gathered to tickle their itching ears come up with all sorts of arguments to try to explain away what he says, but there are plenty of others who are “aghast” and “disappointed,” et cetera. As I said, this in no way surprised me except that he actually said this publicly. Please watch the video with all discernment.

The Youtube video previously here was pulled. However I did save it so here is the link.

Update: The Rocket Company, which owns the rights to that video, which also had it pulled from Youtube, has asked me to pull the video from this post citing CopyRight laws. I have pulled the link to the video from this post.

Soli Deo Gloria!

6 thoughts on “The Fruit of Compromise

  1. He is a logical failure. He believes Adam and Eve were real people because Jesus thought they were. He believes the gospel, etc. Not because the Bible says so, just because. It is the Bible that testifies to what this nut case says he believes!. I would throw him out of the pulpit if he said that in my church.


  2. But Andy, how could you or anyone else that wasn’t born in the first century ever have believed in Jesus if you didn’t first believe what the Bible says about Him? The Bible is the only way we know about Jesus. You have to trust that an infallible Bible is telling you the truth about who Jesus is before you can believe in Jesus.

    Thank you brother Mike for posting this. This is sad, but people need to know who false prophets are.


  3. Andy Stanley is a half-baked liberal. He wants to please people, not offending anyone, so he discounts the Bible and offers them a Jesus that they all are comfortable with. Instead of preaching the Word, he does the William Lane Craig apologetic methodology of using philosophy. I agree with Manfred.


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