5 thoughts on “Perilous Times

  1. “Rivers of waters run down mine eyes because men keep not the law”; horrible profanation of the name of God, horrible abominations which our eyes have seen, and our ears heard and yet our hearts be not affected with them; do you think this is the frame of heart God requireth of us in such a season? – John Owen

    We are not called to embrace error for the sake of unity, we are called to stand on God’s truth, speak out against sin, and give sinners the only message of hope they have…the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    In our day, we see such muddying of God’s word, it is no longer truth. May we stand boldly on His truth, may we not become complacent to our sins or the sins we are surrounded by. This is not the time for the weak-willed; may the love of Christ compel us to walk in obedience, profess truth, and stand firm against the tidal wave of sin and error.


  2. Amen Lyn, and thank you for sending me this video. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I knew immediately that this is what I have been trying to say to those who will listen. God is so good in the giving to us of these warnings.


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