What Does the Westminster Confession Say About Marriage?

Chapter twenty-four of the Westminster Confession of Faith addresses one of the most controversial subjects at the present day. As various countries around the world consider the legality and morality of same-sex unions, the Confession speaks with refreshing and bracing clarity about marriage and divorce. While the Westminster divines could not have known about the debates concerning same-sex marriage that capture our attention today, their teaching could not be more relevant. Read the complete entry here.

5 thoughts on “What Does the Westminster Confession Say About Marriage?

  1. I sometimes wonder who will reap the harvest of this. It will be a very bitter crop, to be sure. It also seems to be a situation not unlike lonely children wishing for something the larger group have on the school grounds. “You have it, we want it too!” It TOTALLY subverts the whole purpose of marriage and is, indeed, an abomination in the sight of God.


  2. It is illuminating to me to see what once was a firmly held scriptural tenant of faith. One wonders how good and faithful Presbyterians can abide such a departure from their origins. It is at times like these that I am reminded that that is the way most religious organizations have viewed not only their own man made dogmas and creeds, but it is the way they have treated the “once delivered for all – graphoa theopnuesto – Holy Spirit inspired Word of God.” phil


  3. Yes Phil, I understand what you mean. The falling away into all apostasy begins with a falling away from Sola Scriptura…always. The Westminster and other good confessions and creeds are not Scripture nor do we say they are, but they are teaching mechanisms used by godly men to convey God’s Truth to the Church.


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