Todd Friel-13 Evangelistic Phrases That Produce False Conversions

the expositor

Source-Symphony of Scripture

I love Todd Friel. The Way of the Master co-host is a great guy, a very faithful preacher of the Gospel, and a dear brother in Christ. I have had the honor of having Todd on our radio program and shared several conversations with him as well, and he is as true as they come. In this piece, he shares 13 Evangelistic Phrases That Produce False Conversions, and he is dead on!

Churches divide over carpet color, building additions and budgets. In the meantime, our fellow church members are going to hell by the boat load.

A.W. Tozer said, “It is my opinion that tens of thousands of people, if not millions, have been brought into some kind of religious experience by accepting Christ, and they have not been saved.”

D. James Kennedy said, “The vast majority of people who are members of churches in…

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