Interview With Alan Kurschner

In order to clarify much of what has been going on with the continued dust up between Chris Pinto and his supporter Brannon Howse of Christian Worldview against Alan Kurschner (a friend of mine) and Dr. James White and Christine Pack (a friend of mine) another friend of mine, Chris Rosebrough has posted a new radio show on his website Pirate Christian Radio with an interview with Alan describing  the time line of his experience with this nonsense. 

Here is the link to the interview page->

I suppose to me and many of my friends one of the most disturbing things about all this is the behavior of those who are blindly following Chris Pinto believing what is false and demanding that all who challenge him and what he says be denigrated and brought down even if all that he is saying has been proven to be patently false. My brethren, this is more than tragic because so many of these people believe that it is okay for Christians to act like unbelievers, lying, using the underhanded ways of the world in attempts to intimidate those who disagree with their IDOL. As I have taught many times here, spiritual blindness is a judgment from God upon those who are guilty of idolatry.

How are we to interact with them? We must point out their ungodly behavior and call them to confess their sins and repent. We cannot compromise with what is false. Also and very important, we cannot stoop to their level and get into the mudslinging. No, do as Christ would do, tell the truth, give them the chance to confess and repent, if they do not then move on treating them as unbelievers, if they do, then be reconciled.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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