A Christian response to fear mongering

by Mike Ratliff

Today I was reading a friend’s post on Facebook in which he had linked to an article by FOX News in which a military expert on one of their news shows had responded to a threat by ISIS to call all home grown terrorists in the United States to “attack the families of American military with extreme slaughter.” The expert said that if this happens the response would be that we would make an end of ISIS. I pondered what that would mean and then another person I did not know jumped in and commented, “ISIS is the rod of God and could not be made and end of…” He then said that God hated America and ISIS would soon make and end of it. I responded that he was “fear mongering.” He said that I was in denial. I told him that ISIS said all that stuff and showed those videos simply to make people afraid so they could get nations to react the way they wanted. He then posted a video of beheadings and said that was coming here. I told him that I was not afraid of ISIS and that I was afraid of no man. He said I was a typical hypocritical American Christian. I’m not sure what he meant by that. I told him that I feared no man, but I did fear God. He repeated that I did not fear God and proved it by not being afraid of ISIS. Not sure how he came up with that one either. I again told him that I feared God and only him and if he thought I was a hypocrite then go visit my blog, check out what was there, then get back to me. I gave him this site’s url and that was that. I didn’t hear back from him. Continue reading