New Domain Name!

When I first began this ministry I started with a website ( then after a several months I got my own domain name for that site. After several more months I added a blog at I kept both of those sites running for a couple of years then just before I came onboard the CRN team in 2007 I moved everything to this site Right from the getgo I realized how hard it was to maintain all three sites so I phased out my support of my site, but still kept some things over at my original website. I always had a dream of moving my domain name that I owned over to this WordPress blog however. Last night I did just that. I have emptied out all content from both the site and my old website and now if you put “” in your browser, you will be redirected here to For most of you this probably means little to nothing, but for me I can now tell people at church how to find my site much easier than before. 🙂 To God be glory!

3 thoughts on “New Domain Name!

  1. WP is my absolute favourite, Mike. It was the Lord gave it back to me, as I explained on my About page 🙂 Wouldn’t be without it, now, for as long as our Father doesn’t mind!


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