Being Light in the Darkness revisited

I have been in discussion with a dear sister in Christ about discernment matters. One of the things that has been bothering me is why God has placed my wife and I back in our old Church that we were in back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. When we moved back home last year I really did not want to visit this Church because I knew it had gone seeker-sensitive. However, we met several old and dear friends in town from this Church and were invited back and so here we are. The Church has no pastor. It is elder led, but when I go there I am struck by a sense of spiritual confusion. On the one hand there is an interim pastor who preaches everything from a SBC perspective. On the other hand, I sense a deep hunger in the body for two things, to be used by God, but also to know Him. Since the seeker-sensitive model by its very nature messes all that up and changes the focus from God to man, this does not surprise me. However, what I expressed to my friend was that I could not discern what I am doing there. I know that if, given the chance, I will speak the truth. After all, what we do in Christ is for God’s glory alone. Right?   In any case, below is a post from 2011 that my friend suggested I redo a bit and repost.  I have decided to leave it intact. Just remember it references things as they were happening in May of 2011. Continue reading