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In 2007 Ken Silva invited me to part of the team at CRN (Christian Research Network). It was hard work for awhile. Several of us had to grow up fast because that was right in the middle of the Purpose Driven and Emergent Church takeover of Evangelicalism. There were untold casualties during that time, but God is good and He preserved us.  However, Ken went home to be with the Lord a few years ago and a few of us have simply kept posting at CRN as our ministries have continued.

I got an email today from Marsha West the new owner of CRN. She has already been functioning as the managing editor for us for quite some time and I really appreciate her. Here is a link to our new “About page.

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  1. I just wanted to say, that I very much appreciate not only your “Possessing the Treasure” blog (which I read every day), but also the Christian Research Network (which I also visit and read many of the articles, every day). You folks are doing a wonderful job, and I thank the Lord He has placed you where He has. I hope CRN (and Possessing the Treasure, and Berean Research) continue for years to come. You are all a huge blessing. Thank you.

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