Socialism and Secular Humanism

by Mike Ratliff

God saved me right in the middle of the 1980’s. I remember that time very well. After God had mercy on me I was changed radically. When I was in my car I listened to Christian talk radio all the time. I was starving for the truth. During that time I remember how many, if not most, of the commentators I followed were taking issue with the fact that the leadership in not only our churches, but also in our Christian institutions were rejecting something called a “Christian World View” and were replacing it with one centered in “Secular Humanism.” 

Let’s fast forward to 2016 and the Presidential election. Everyone I knew and all those in the know were 100% confident that Hillary Clinton, an avowed Secular Humanist, would easily defeat Donald Trump and continue the Socialistic reforms that had been taking place in our country since end of Ronald Reagan’s last term in office. Think about that. He was in office for 8 years and even though many today still hate him, I loved him because he ended the debacle caused by Jimmy Carter’s attempt to “Socialize” the USA through transforming it through Secular Humanistic reforms. Then Reagan reversed all that and we had 8 years of turning back the clock. Then his Vice President, George Bush,  won the next election and was President for 1 term. I remember very well hearing him talking about “The New World Order” and being puzzled with that coming from someone in the Republican Party. Remember as soon as he was in office we had the first Gulf War.

His term in office seemed to go very fast and then we had 8 years of Bill Clinton. He is an avowed Secular Humanist. He began many of the “reforms” that Barrack Obama completed. What we need to remember is that his term in office brought in many of the ideas and reforms that were later savored and grasped when Barrack Obama came to power in 2008. In any case, after 8 years of Clinton we had 8 years of George W. Bush. Once again we are back at war in the Middle East after the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. What upset me about the Bush administrations is how much they talked about reforming what had gone on during the former administrations, but they never really did anything. After his eight years were up then we had the 2008 Presidential race and Barrack Obama won.

What can we say? I remember I wrote a post the night he won titled “What Now?”  The focus of the post was not about politics, but how Christians are to respond to political pressure from socialists trying to force us to conform to secular humanistic reforms and we had better get ready under this administration. Was I right? Barrack Obama had Hillary Clinton in his cabinet as Secretary of State during his first term. Looking at it through the lens of a Christian World View, that combination was pure evil. I remember their stances on normalizing sexual perversions in all forms. They also both took stands that Christians could not obey the commands in scripture to stand firm against such things. Yes, that’s right. Fortunately, we still have laws in this country.

Have you wondered why the left is making absolute fools of themselves over their resistance to Donald Trump’s nomination of his latest Supreme Court Justice? They are being exposed for who they really are, but they no longer care. I have read articles in which resisters in positions in the State Department are socialists and are doing everything they can to foul things up so nothing can get done by this administration. They brag about in interviews even using their real names and say they can’t be fired.

If you want to see the face of socialism being forced down our throats by the threat of the club of secular humanism then all you have to do is watch CNN or MSNBC or the news on CBS or ABC or NBC or the so-called comedy on late night television and trash such as SNL. Those of us who have a Christian World View are the enemy. We are portrayed that way. We are backward. We are the ones who are holding up their revolution. To them when Donald Trump says, “Let’s make America Great Again!” they see that as counter-revolutionary rhetoric.

I know that many reading this may be puzzled over the terms “Socialism” and “Secular Humanism.” I posted an article during the 2008 Presidential race which defines these terms very well. Here is the link.

Once again, remember, this post is for Christians. Our role is not to overthrow governments. Our role is to obey our Lord. We are to make disciples from all nations teaching them to obey Him in all the things He taught. That would include living moral lives in the power of the Holy Spirit. That would include not supporting immorality in any form. That would include being good citizens as long as our government does not command us to disobey God. Those who are attempting to thwart the reforms Donald Trump and his party are implementing have only evil intent. What weapons do we have? Our most powerful weapon is prayer. Let’s use that to its fullest and may the Lord’s will be done.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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  1. Well, the world is doing exactly what it is suppose to do…oppose all things of God. What is very troubling are the goats and wolves in amongst the sheep. They proclaim the same worldview as the world (socialism, Marxism, humanism, etc..) and profess to be following Jesus. Such deception!


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