Betrayed: An Open Letter to the Church

As many of you know, I have been writing and posting on this blog since 2006 and CRN since 2007. Over the years we have covered the “Great Downgrade” going on in the visible Church in the U.S. trying to put the pieces together. The following article is a long one, but well worth reading. Man, it took me back. Those names are the same ones we have been covering from the beginning. Even so, there are so many today who don’t want to believe that their favorite Christian leader is part of the Downgrade. Well, read it and then pray about it and ask God what to do.

Betrayed: An Open Letter to the Church

3 thoughts on “Betrayed: An Open Letter to the Church

  1. I was deceived until about 11 years ago, and then Christ “woke” me up to this demonic movement. Unfortunately, I fear that in the next decade, our society and our supposed to “brothers” will shut us up and shut us down, as God turns people over to the delusion.

    He’s right, we must proclaim the true Gosoel and denounce the false teachers, or we have no chance.


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