Possessing the Treasure

After I wrote my first book, Walking the Walk by Faith, back in 2004-2005, I started a web site to help promote it. Then I started a blog on Blogger. It was as I began posting things on Blogger that I came into contact with Ingrid at the old Slice of Laodicia blog. One of her admins was a man named Jim Bublitz. He seemed to take an interest in helping me. He encouraged me to start commenting more on Slice and I did. Ken Silva was part of that as well, but Jim seemed to be the one who was always ready to “counsel” me and discourage me from “getting into it” with certain other people on Slice. It was also his advice which I took to move over to WordPress. He didn’t know it, but I had been working on a second book and I already had a title for it, Possessing the Treasure. When I got my new blog online in 2006 I named it after that book. It is no longer in print. However, if you are interested in it you can read it here. Both Jim and Ken have preceded us to Heaven. Ingrid is out of the discernment work business, but we are still friends on Facebook.