Walking the Walk by Faith

In 2005 I self-published a book titled “Walking the Walk by Faith” This was two years before I became involved with discernment blogging. It was a full year before Ken Silva and I became friends. In those two years I matured a great deal. After I joined the Christian Research Network team “reality” set in. I looked back on what I put in that book and realized that it did contain the truth, but it had not really prepared me for the brutality of discernment ministry. However, as things have settled down a bit I and that book has been “out of print” for over ten years I have been asked if I can provide access to it again. I have gone through the manuscript and cleaned it up some. I shudder at how naive I was about some things when I wrote it, but I have left some things in like interviews I did and referenced people who are no longer with us. My understanding of how to be in the fire as a soldier of our Lord Jesus Christ has certainly matured a great deal since I wrote that book, but there is still a great deal of truth in there. Here is a link to the e-book. To God be the Glory.

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