The Mortification of Sin – Modernized Version

by Mike Ratliff

Several years ago I did a series on John Owen’s wonderful book, The Mortification of Sin. While a great number of people participated in that study they also struggled with John Owen’s 17th Century English. He was a wonderful preacher of God’s Word and a gifted teacher. He was also mightily used by God throughout his ministry, but in our time what he was teaching seems to have been largely ignored and lost. I have so many believers contact me wanting to know how to deal with their besetting sins and their inability to turn away or kill some sin problem. John Owen had the answer, which, of course, comes directly from God’s Word.

We all have seasons in our walk down the narrow path in this pilgrimage. I too find myself struggling with old sins that I thought were long dead at times. That is when I have to get back into the battle. Yes, it is a battle. After all, part of it is putting on that spiritual armor so we can walk in the spirit isn’t it?

To kill or mortify our sin we must rely on the Holy Spirit to do His work. We have to get into the mode of being Spirit-led and in so doing the Holy Spirit will transform us and drain the life from our besetting sins. This is a simplified analysis of Owen’s treatise. Here is a link to the modernized version of his book. I have it on my Kindle and am rereading it. It is very good and I suggest you all do this.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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