The New Religion and the Need for Resolution

by Mike Ratliff

I have been attempting for last several years to get a handle on the slippery fish of Woke-ism, CRT, Intersectionality, and Social Justice and how those in Christian circles who have “adhered” to those things seemed to be “outside” of Orthodox Christianity. Oh, for a long time they looked and acted like they were Orthodox, but then as CRT became a force in our secular culture these people “changed.” I had been fighting for years a very odd and ugly battle with those liberals behind the Purpose Driven paradigm and the emergent movement, but then as Woke-ism seemed to take over all our seminaries and denominations I began to see things in Christianity here in the U.S. as if we were on a tilting table with all of churches about to fall into an abyss and the church leaders were acting as if everything was normal. I just could not understand why professing Christians could act like that or would even want to. Continue reading