The New Religion and the Need for Resolution

by Mike Ratliff

I have been attempting for last several years to get a handle on the slippery fish of Woke-ism, CRT, Intersectionality, and Social Justice and how those in Christian circles who have “adhered” to those things seemed to be “outside” of Orthodox Christianity. Oh, for a long time they looked and acted like they were Orthodox, but then as CRT became a force in our secular culture these people “changed.” I had been fighting for years a very odd and ugly battle with those liberals behind the Purpose Driven paradigm and the emergent movement, but then as Woke-ism seemed to take over all our seminaries and denominations I began to see things in Christianity here in the U.S. as if we were on a tilting table with all of churches about to fall into an abyss and the church leaders were acting as if everything was normal. I just could not understand why professing Christians could act like that or would even want to.

Please watch this sermon by Jared Longshore from Founders Ministries. I watched it this afternoon. Jared crossed all the “t”s and dotted all the “i”s in the Woke-ism takeover of the Church in the U.S. He did a fine job and I now understand what we are fighting and, more importantly, how we must engage it and defeat it. He says in his sermon that the what we are battling is not a new form of Christianity, but is a New Religion. It is a modern form of Paganism. I totally agree with him on this. I saw this with the emergents who were the forerunners of this evil thing. How do we fight it? The way we fight it is with prayer. We pray and remain obedient as we walk in repentance ourselves. We walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and it will be Him who fights the battles, not us.

Soli Deo Gloria!

6 thoughts on “The New Religion and the Need for Resolution

  1. Hi Mike, I do enjoy your articles and heartily agree with all you say.It is quite frightening how so much has changed for the worse and fellow believers cannot see what is happening.I am so blessed to be saved and to know exactly what is coming. Maranatha.Keep up the work.Lesley.(England)

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  2. I will watch it but I already agree . I’ve been right there with you trying to understand this situation, but I just started later. I listened to a woke Christian podcast the other day that just blew my mind . They are blind guides. Even worse , they are purposely leading true believers away from God . It’s very upsetting to read and hear their deception . But God is in control . Satan is a mighty force against humans, but he’s a tiny ant compared to God !


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