The Spirit of Fear

by Mike Ratliff

7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

Over on Gab today I watched a video of how the whole world has been deliberately dumbed down through consumerism. What I mean is those who bought into loving the world and the things of this world have never really matured as our parents or grandparents did who were much more self-reliant. The result of this has produced a few generations of spoiled people easily manipulated through fear. What fear? They fear that things will change and what they depend on or what they love will be taken away. Their cushy lifestyles are threatened by a so-called pandemic and they will do whatever they are told to do get back to that so-called “normalcy.”

I know people personally who have gotten the Covid-19 virus. One died, the rest have recovered and are doing fine. I know a couple right now that are going through that process. Yes, it is a real virus. No one is saying it is fake, however, the national recovery rate of this virus is still over 99% regardless of whether those who are infected have been vaccinated or not. So why are our governments trying to lock everything down and make people wear useless masks and make everyone fearful?

These governments are caving into a hidden power that threatens them with assassination or war or whatever to make them comply to their global agenda. What is the result? Lies, lies, and more lies to make everyone even more fearful to make them comply and controllable. The person I watched in the video said that consumerism has dumbed down the people to make them easy to control. Prior generations were more self-reliant and would not put up with this, but now these immature masses are falling all over themselves to comply. Why? They are afraid.

That’s right. Those who are fearful and compliant to idiotic mandates from corrupt governments are being controlled by a spirit of fear. Genuine Christians have no business being part of this. John MacArthur and his wife both have had Covid-19. That was in December last year. However, they recovered and after he got his strength back he stood up to the mandates by L.A. County that were trying to force Grace Community Church to be closed. They refused and Dr. MacArthur kept preaching even though he had been infected then recovered. That is the model for one who does not have the spirit of fear.

In contrast, there used to be a person who wrote for CRN who was my Facebook friend for years. However, when the Covid-19 stuff started her posts on her FB page started getting very strange. When she began siding with the Canadian government against those two Pastors in Alberta who refused to close their churches resulting in their arrests I confronted her. I asked her why she had taken that position, but I started the conversation by asking her why she was fear mongering. I asked her where her faith was. She told me that the CDC was continually in the news and she believed them. Then another female on her FB page started arguing with me. I blocked her. I continued asking my friend to defend her position spiritually. She could not. It got so bad she unfriended me. She is the very model of a professing Christian who actually is possessed by the Spirit of Fear.

Should we be fearful and demand that everyone get vaccinated? It should be a choice, but there is more and more evidence that the actual disease is not as bad for those who do not have existing health issues, but aren’t our lives in God’s hands? This is what I tried to get my friend to see, but she refused to consider it.

I have been doing much research into the theology of these Last Days and this Spirit of Fear is a large part of how the evil powers will attempt to control everyone. It is already started. My brethren. Stay in prayer. Obey the Lord. I am convinced that the Church Age is nearly over, but rough times are ahead for us until our Lord takes us home. Now is the time to be those mature believers who draw near to God as we resist the Devil in every part of our lives. Do not be deceived!

Soli Deo Gloria!

11 thoughts on “The Spirit of Fear

  1. Fear can take many forms and catching the virus. Fear takes away your joy and most of all, you rely on the state to provide updates to whatever you are suppose fear. This was a timely article. Remember not to fear.


  2. It is comforting to know that not everyone has an out of proportion fear of the virus. Your words and the comments of others here are encouraging. Trusting God fully for he is in control and His plan will happen according to his will. I am thankful God has provided men of wisdom to keep everything in perspective. Come soon King Jesus 🙏


  3. Thanks for sharing this brother. It is so sad that many professing Christians in the West are falling for the things of this world. They have become so accustomed to the things of this world that they seem to forget that this world is ruled by God, who has decreed the history of this world ever before He created it. I wonder where these professing believers will stand when the heat becomes very hot. Amazing that many could not see the wickedness of governments having the audacity to close churches. We have been brainwashed into thinking that Western governments can do no wrong (especially if these governments are center right ones), yet my understanding of scripture is that “we should not love the world, neither things of this world” applies to every part of the world. I hope that many awake from the slumber that they are currently in.


  4. Mike,

    Excellent, Biblical article.

    Our church closed for about 3 weeks in March. Our board believed that since we didn’t know the veracity of the virus, it would be prudent to do so.

    But, after about a month, enough data had come in that we decided to resume persons with limited attendance. Normally, I would not like that, but most of our congregation is very old and frail, with illnesses.

    But then they came into the nursery. They came into rooms where the audio was heard. Separated by distance being in the same building, at least, hungry for the Word of God.

    But after a few months, many of the old ones saw what was happening, had enough, and came anyway.

    I regret I did not fully understand the truth that WE say when we are to meet, and not dictated by the world. They are dictated by death. We are dictated by Life.
    Still, some have not come back, and, nationwide, Barna (I think) reported that 52% of people still haven’t come back to church yet.

    Meanwhile, in North Korea and China, they meet underground, could die of the virus, and would be murdered and/or severely tortured by their own governments if they were found out.

    We are cowards. I repent of my cowardice. The body needs boldness and encouragement, and I’m not seeing it from most.


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