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  1.   Hi brother Mike, I hope all is well! I have been following your posts for some time now and know you speak Biblical truth. In fact, unfortunately, your ministry is one of the very few I’ve found to be doctrinally sound. I thank the Lord for that.

    Since I can’t seem to find anyone I can talk to about this, (even my family who I thought knew the Bible clearly doesn’t) I wanted to reach out to you. I have seen from your posts on WP and FB that you are often attacked by those who “think” they know the Bible, but do not. I am just wondering how you handle that. It’s hard for me not to get frustrated and disappointed when I am either not given the time, or worse told I am wrong and that there are different interpretations, etc without being given any scripture or I’m given scripture taken out of context.

    God has given me the desire and the time to study and grow in His word almost full-time the last 8 years. I grew up going to Baptist churches as a kid and even a few years in my teens at a private Christian school. After studying the Bible these last 8 years, I am blown away by how little I really knew.

    I was on a walk with my Dad the other day, (He is one of the most Godly men I knew) and the church my sisters and their families goes to came up again. It’s a church that doesn’t preach the Word, but is more of a social gathering with little to no discipleship going on and more focused on social issues. (including having a “Justice Christian college on campus). My dad was so sure that going out to feed the homeless without attempting to evangelize or see fruit was the mission of all churches. When I said if they weren’t spreading the gospel and weren’t seeing converts or those poor going to church, they should move on. I know the goals of a church are to baptize and disciple Christians, not feed the poor with food but the bread of life.

    I got really frustrated and am trying figure out how to proactively avoid getting into these situations with fellow Christians who have so many wrong preconceived notions about what is in the Bible. I had many myself before God handcuffed me to His word and I spent years studying. I did Bible studies no one watched or they would have heard the truth from scripture themselves. Whenever a disagreement comes up it is always me that has to try and prove why I’m right and I end up spending hours and days working to show them from scripture when I am not sure they will even take the time to read it and fully examine the verses and context of them.

    I am praying for patience as I know when I get frustrated that it doesn’t look good and doesn’t help. Any advice you could give me would be great. I am not ever going to water down the word of God, but I need to get better (especially with family) at not letting my emotions get in the way.

    Brother Mike, where are all our fellow brothers and sisters who know the Bible? How do you live with disappointments without letting it make you react in a way that doesn’t help? I am not discouraged, but incredibly encouraged that He keeps giving me the knowledge of His Word…..especially since I can’t find many that have it. I just don’t want to blow the opportunity and can’t sacrifice Truth for feelings.

    Thanks Mike!

    Bill Bruno


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  2. Hi Bill,

    We are bound to the Word of God because we have taken up our own crosses and are following Jesus. The Words (Rhema) of God are the inspired words from Him that are all about the Word of God (Logos). They are inseparable. We talked about this in our small group last week. We should never approach the Word with statements or questions like, “What is your interpretation?” or “How do you feel about that passage?” No, the Word means what it says. That is how I approach it and I dig deep into it to make sure I get the context right. What you were talking about are people who refuse to live under Christ’s command to abide in Him, to take up their cross and follow Him, to be that living sacrifice Holy and acceptable to Him who walks before Christ being transformed through the renewing of their minds (the Holy Spirit transforming or sanctifying them) as they stay submitted to the Word and what it says. What you were describing were religious people, but they aren’t doing any of that, no, they are doing man-focused things, not God-focused things. To get to where you and I are trying to get to you have to be that spirit-filled believer who only wants to be doing what Christ wills for them to be doing. Go back and read what you wrote and compare it to what I just wrote. Your comparisons you were making of those who were distressing you are of those who claim to be believers, but who have no desire to be a that living sacrifice, abiding in Christ believer. You and I are doing that. The distress you are showing reveals a heart that desperately wants to be where Christ wants him to be. So, you have to do what He wants you to do. You cannot make anyone else do it, but you can obey, so you must.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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