God’s Approval of Us

There is much confusion in American Christianity these days. Most of that is due to years upon years of humanistic preaching and teaching. Humanistic pollution of the Church is nothing new. Pelagianism, semi-Pelagiansim, and Arminianism are all tainted, if not based in, a man-based orientation. If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit that our natural state causes us to view God and Christianity from a humanistic viewpoint. At salvation God regenerates new believer’s hearts. This new birth is very dramatic. In it, the new believer’s heart is completly remade as God places His Word there. Unbelief is eroded. It may take many years for some Christians to completly let go of their humanistic “faith” while others grow in grace very quickly to become the Spirit-led believers who live for God’s glory alone.

Follow this link to a devotional by Martin Luther which contrasts the natural man’s view of God and His ways with that of a regenerate believer’s. Of course this contrast will by from God’s viewpoint not Man’s.

In Christ

Mike Ratliff

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