Postmillenialism is the belief that Christ, with His coming, His atonement, and His continuing regenerative power in those whom He calls, creates in His redeemed people a force for the reconquest of all things. The dominion that Adam first received and then lost by his fall will be restored to redeemed man. God’s people will then have a long reign over the entire earth, after which, when all enemies have been put under Christ’s feet, the end shall come, and the last enemy, death, will be destroyed.
R.J. Rushdoony from “Back to the Future”

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  1. “There are said to be at least 40 million Christians in the United States who profess to believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. If these people believe that the end is near, and the rapture at hand, their impact on the world is very different from that of 40 million who believe that they shall conquer the world. In the one situation, people are preparing to leave the world, and to snatch other brands from the burning before they leave. In the other, they are preparing to conquer the world and to assert the “Crown Rights of King Jesus.”

    R. J. Rushdoony

    Look at our country and see what Dispensational Theology has created. You have many Christians who instead of getting involved in claiming this world for Christ, are sitting around in their homes strumming on their guitars and singing “Kum Ba Yah” just waiting for the Rapture (which by the way is never even mentioned in Scripture). Their entire mentality is “Why get involved with polishing brass on a sinking ship?” Some are so apathetic towards the things in this world, they don’t even vote. Thus, we have godless leaders legislating godless laws. Shame on us.

    Postmillenialism is an eschatology of Victory and Hope. Christ is currently reigning at the right hand of the Father and putting all of His enemies up under his feet!


  2. The problem with the “rapture cult” is that it paralyzes Christianity. It says, in effect, “The coach is gonna forfeit the game for us any second now, so there’s no need to play to win.” But is the “coach” (God) really going to forfeit the game for his team (the church)?

    “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against (outlast) it.”

    Does that sound like an escapist rapture gameplan?

    If the rapture occurs, and the gates of Hell keep on truckin’, then how can you say the church “prevailed”?

    No wonder there have been no great revivals since pre-trib, pre-mil (ala LaHaye, Lindsey, et al) started infecting churches.


  3. O.K., first of all, Lahaye and Lindsey are full of errors in their beliefs. Second, that is a presumptuous opinion berating those of us who believe in the snatching up of the saints. 1 Thess. 4:16,17. We do evangelize because of the horror of God’s wrath on the unbelievers left behind in the Tribulation. We are not appointed for wrath. I hope I find scriptural proof that post- mil is wrong instead of disparaging remarks. I can’t really tell if I really am post- mil from this posting. 😦 .Even the commenters were unkind (tho truthful to a point).


  4. I forgot to say that the first paragraph made me think that post-mils believe in the Kingdom Now/ Dominionism error of Reformed theology. Forgive me, that paragraph explains it good enough for me .


  5. Sherry C.,

    The only thing I have written that rivals this stuff for bringing out the sort of “mean-spirited” comments is the Doctrines of Grace. Professing Christians can be very mean. 🙂

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff


  6. Mike, I am kicking up a fuss within just like I did with Calvinism ! Now I can boldly call myself a 5 point Calvinist thanks to you and Old Truth. Please bear with me because I am honestly starting all over again in my belief system and I don’t want to go wrong again with it. Already the Holy Spirit has been giving me discernment on a lot of things that I thought was truth. God abundantly bless you!


  7. I asked myself sometime back “How are we to live as Christians?” I decided to look closer at the 10 Commandments. I then came across “The Institutes of Biblical Law” by R. J. Rushdoony and I find that I agree with much of what Dr. Rushdoony says. We are to live by God’s Law even though we are not saved through the law. I had looked at myself as an amillenialist but after reading these books by Dr. Rushdoony I am taking a hard look at postmillennialism and Christian Reconstruction.

    I believe that as Christians we should always be open to the truth and be seekers of same. If we don’t understand a doctrine that is believed by others we should try to take the time to look into it. We may find the truth there. Saying this, I recommend reading the ” Institutes of Biblical Law” and visiting the Chalcedon web site at At least you will have a better idea of what postmillenialism and Christian Reconstruction are all about, especially Christian Reconstruction. There are a number of free articles and Mp3 downloads here.


  8. WDB:

    Jesus said in John 18:36, “My kingdom is not of this world”.

    The plan of God is not to subdue the nations before Christ physically returns. The nations will indeed be subdued when He does return , but until then, we are sojourners and pilgrims on this earth and in this country.

    Whereas God said, “not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” the theme of Christian Reconstruction is, gain power through political affiliations even if that results in unscriptural yoking with unbelievers.

    Please, friend, steer clear of trying to achieve power. We must be weak so that Christ is glorified, not us. Seek first the internal spiritual kingdom of God, and understand the unconditional Grace by which He has made you His beloved. Draw near to Him, commune with Him, be continually filled with His Word, and His Spirit, walk by the Spirit, and God will do His work in and through you.

    (Edited excerpts from


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