Peace That Passes All Understanding

I have always had an issue with depression, but for some reason, uncontrollable anxiety has never been much of problem. However, since my Neurologist has put me on a larger dosage of anti-seizure medication this Fall I have had several very severe bouts of depression. Everything is under God’s control. I am positive that God is using this for my good and for the edification of all to whom the Holy Spirit ministers as they read the exegetical studies from Sacred Scripture God gives me to give to them. In my own case, I have found that even as I am dealing with depression I never cave in to the doubt and worry associated with a lack of faith. Even when I hit the bottom my Lord is there to minister to me. In this, I rejoice! In the January 2010 issue of Tabletalk Magazine from Ligonier Ministries there are several very good articles dealing with worry and anxiety. The one I have posted below struck me because in the magazine it is accompanied by a painting of Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Briton Riviere (below). There are seven or so large lions around him, but each of them has a puzzled look on his or her face and not one of them has their mouth open. Daniel is standing with his back to them looking up at the little bit of light filtering into the chamber. His face is calm and it is so obvious that he is confidently awaiting deliverance from the Lord. I pray that God will minister to you as you read this as He did me. – Mike Ratliff

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