My Studies and Books

I write primarily about the believer’s spiritual growth unto Christlikeness and the processes God uses to accomplish this. I pray that if you decide to read these studies God will mature your heart all for His glory.

Follow the link below to the document that I wrote in 2006 to give to my then-pastor when he asked for input into whether our church should implement the Purpose Driven Church model.   Why Study the Purpose Driven Church

Below are links to some Bible Studies I have written. I pray that God will use them to bless you and mature you unto Christlikeness.

Judge Not!

Let Us Reason Together

The Abomination of Easy-Believism

The Compromised Church

The Marks of Such as Believe in Christ

The Pilgrim’s Heart

The Resurrection

The Sovereignty of God in the Suffering of His People

27 thoughts on “My Studies and Books

  1. I have just found your blog and I’ve been blessed. I saw your name on “Slice” and came here. I have a new blog name Following Judah’s Lion and it contains some devotional writing. “You’ve got to want it” is one you might enjoy. I try and keep a balance between exposing the falling away and seeking His face. PTL-Rick

  2. Thanks Erik. Reformed Theology is the only doctrinal system that is bound to God’s glory alone and I believe the only one true to sacred scripture.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. Albert,

    I am working through the planning of three seperate books, but nothing is set in concrete yet. I have taken a self-imposed Sabbatical from writing manuscripts since I finished Judge Not! back in February. However, it's time to get back to work. I wrote the first two books one right after the other and then started working on what became Let's Reason Together and The Pilgrim's Heart. I finished those three manuscripts in roughly a year with nearly non-stop research and writing. I took a month or so off then wrote Judge Not!. Well it's been about four months now and I do feel like I am up to it again.

    One of the books I would like to work on is based on the conversation between Christian, Faithful and Talkative from Pilgrim's Progress. Do you remember what that converstion was about?

    Another book I would like to work on would explore the differences between genuine Chiristianity and humanistic Christianity.

    The third one is secret. I can't really talk about it yet, but it would be an expose' on a subject near and dear to my heart…

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  4. Walking the walk by Faith and Possessing the Treasure are published books. That means I cannot post them online without violating copyright from my publisher.😦

    There are times I wish I had not had them published so I could get them online where people could read them without haveing to order them. I have written three other books, but I have chosen to publish them on my blog instead of trying to get a publisher to look at them. I find that when people read what God has me write it is far better than restricting access by having to buy a book.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  5. Mike,
    the other books you have written that you have published on your blog…are you not afraid that someone might steal your work and publish it under their name in a hardcopy (I don’t know if that’s a word) book?

  6. Thanks for you concern Sarah. God impressed upon me that what I write is for His glory alone and was meant to be read by those of His chosing.Therefore, I step out on faith here and believe that God will use the messages He gives me according to His will and for His glory.

  7. >>Another book I would like to work on would explore the differences between genuine Chiristianity and humanistic Christianity.>>

    I can hardly wait to see this one.

  8. Lin,

    That project has morphed into my study “The Compromised Church.” That doesn’t mean that I may not write a book on this same subject, but right now God has me working on my study of suffering from the book of Job.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  9. Great post Ken! I read it and commented. It was very powerful. All, if you haven’t read Ken’s post, follow that link in his comment above. Very powerful!

  10. Mike Ratliff, I know it is Gods Glory but thank you for interpreting His word for us. It has been Life changing.In your comment to another person on July 6,2006 you say that God will choose the people He wishes to read it, I am one of those people who God choose to find you web site.I am amazed at His wonders.Hope to see you in Heaven (have you got in great ideas about standing firm).

  11. Personal note to delete. You must be one very busy blogger! I just found your site and it is packed!
    One correction: “receive” not “recieve” in your quote:
    The Pilgrimage Cry
    May the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward of His suffering!

  12. Gary,

    Thanks for the correction. I actually copied that line from sermon by copying and pasting it.:-) However, I should have checked it. I’m sure you will find other similar errors in my posts.:-) I type much faster than I think sometimes.

    In any case, thanks for visiting my blog.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  13. Dear Mike,

    When I first read your comments on Slice, I knew you were filled with the Holy Spirit. Later, I found your site here. You are being blessed by God and are a precious brother in Christ. God bless you and keep you and may you feed many lambs in these last day.

    Love in Christ,

  14. Rachel,

    Thank you! I confess that I often feel like I am none of those things. God has me repenting so much that I wonder at times why He wants anything to do with me at all.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  15. Dear Brother,

    It is because you are being granted the gift of repentance that you are being sanctified and therefore able to be used as a vessel for our Lord. We will pray together that we both be granted the gift of repentance until we draw our last breath.

    Love in Christ,

  16. I would appreciate a book [I don’t know if you’re taking requests :-)] on the subject of Suffering and Evil from a Reformed Theology perspective.


  17. Hi, I am a youth pastor,and believe that God can perform miracles thru people…i have 2 sons who are now in college,,,due to economic condition and my income,seemingly we cannot let them finish their studies,but i have the faith it won’t happen to my children,i dont want them to regret that they become a pastors kid..instead make them,in my own way,and i hope that God is with me..He’ll touch people to help us and become my son’s sponsor…my eldest son has 1 more yr in school the youngest has 2 more years..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH can connect with me thru our website.Thank you for taking time to read…

  18. Danny,

    Nothing is impossible with God. Our job is to conform our wills to His. I pray that God will give you the desires of you Heart.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  19. I never get on the internet, but I just came upon your site. I am sure God’s hand is in that all the way. I am looking forward to reading your articles and growing. I’ve been “very, very busy” lately and feel God is calling me back to a closer relationship with Him.
    I love God for His faithfulness,mercy and grace!!

  20. Wow! This is an awesome blog. i accidentally stumbled upon it trying to locate a scripture for a post for my blog. Do you enjoy John Piper’s ministry as well? I shall return.

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