Judge Not!

This is my study on Jesus’ command to His disciples to not judge others hypocritically. Enjoy and be blessed.

Judge Not Part 1 – The Mind of Christ

Judge Not Part 2 – The Source of Judging Others

Judge Not Part 3 – The Consequences of Judging Others

Judge Not Part 4 – The Necessity of Contentment

Judge Not Part 5 – The Curse of Self-Righteousness

Judge Not Part 6 – The Blessedness of Assurance

Judge Not Part 7 – The Balm of Hope

Judge Not Part 8 – The Invaluable Treasure of a Clear Conscience

Judge Not Part 9 – Doing all for the Glory of God

Judge Not Part 10 – Drinking from Christ’s Cup of Suffering

Judge Not Part 11 – Wrestling the Correct Opponent

Jusge Not Part 12 – Loving your Enemies

Judge Not Part 13 – Behaving like a Christian

Judge Not Part 14 – Being a Living Sacrifice

Judge Not Part 15 – Letting the Word of Christ Dwell in You Richly

Judge Not Part 16 – Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Judge Not!

  1. I have read through this series with much delight anticipating the next page… knowing that it is uncompromising truth that reflects God’s standard of judgement. What is brought out so well in these writings is our erroneous tendency to judge with a double standard, when in fact we are called to discern with a righteous, God-honoring judgement.
    This is a well-written, must-read that should be published. It is both properly convicting and immensely encouraging. This book does not compromise the true Gospel, but proclaims it loudly and richly.

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