The Compromised Church

This is my Bible study of the Compromised Church. The American Church has been by-and-large contaminated by humanism and is no longer God-centered nor is it regenerate. Prayerfully read these posts as you ask God what He would hath you do.

The Compromised Church – Introduction

The Compromised Church Part 1 – Humanism

The Compromised Church Part 2 – Spiritual Blindness

The Compromised Church Part 3 – Ungodly Discernment

The Compromised Church Part 4 – Friend of the World

The Compromised Church Part 5 – Self-deceived Godliness

The Compromised Church Part 6 – By their fruits you shall know them”

5 thoughts on “The Compromised Church

  1. Thank you so much for writing this series of articles on the compromised church. After I read the entire series through in one sitting I found myself with my mouth hanging open and yet my heart and mind praising God.

    I wanted to make sure of my reaction, so I read extensive excerpts from your articles at a small prayer meeting I attend, where we pray for our church. Those of us in the prayer meeting have been struggling with changes in our church and the attitude of our pastor, who started 3 years ago. By the way we are a small church, not a mega-church.

    Everyone at the prayer meeting sat with astonished looks on their faces, amazed as I read the excerpts. We all agreed you have been sitting in the back of our church unnoticed for a few months, that was the only way you could have known the specific words our pastor uses! We sat in awe…and I’ll tell you why. Through your article we were greatly encouraged as we realized it isn’t just us in this battle against apostacy. We realized God has a remnant throughout the US. We also came to understand that the battle we have been in at our church, has been God’s love over us to save us from the destruction coming on the compromised church.

    God, through your article brought us to understand we are not alone in this battle and by your discerning words we were encouraged and we reaffirmed our faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement as the center of our faith. And we will be using your insights in this article as we prepare for a meeting with other members of our church body struggling with this same issue.

    One more comment I might add, the compromised church also manages to isolate those of us that see their compromise. In isolation we fight to maintain our faith in the Word of God. In isolation we question, “is it me”. In isolation our strength wanes. So I praise God for he has strengthened us through your article, for we now know we are not alone, God has kept to himself a remnant.

    Praise God and thank you for your article.


  2. Bob,

    Your comment left me breathless and humbled at the same time. As I was driving home today I was confessing to God that I am simply nothing and can do nothing good unless He does it through me. Then I got your comment. The blessing and truth you have received from these articles came from God not me. I am the vessel. I write as I am inspired. I can’t do it any other way. However, I am also saddened when I hear of other churches who are in this battle. It is a real shame, but God is preserving His Remnant. I rejoice in that and I commend you for not giving in to the deceptions.

    Praise God and I pray that God will keep you and bless you as you remain faithful.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  3. Your articles are very helpful. In this day and age the lukewarm church reigns. Purpose driven, emergent, dead.

    Very few voices are sounding the call.

    Thanks, I’ll be back.


  4. Dear Mike,

    I wanted to update you…

    Since my comments of 3/16 your article(s) on the compromised church have been passed to about 20% of our congregation. Keep in mind we are a church of about 80 people. As before, their reaction was amazement in the accuracy of many of your comments. And again, people were encouraged that it wasn’t just our church or pastor. But the real blessing was the strength they found in knowing we are not alone. People began not to feel defeated. Your articles have encouraged and edified members of our church.

    On a more proactive level, the strength and encouragement we gained led us to prayerfully and thoughtfully open a dialogue with the pastor and Board of Directors over our concerns, specifically regarding the inaccurate or incomplete preaching of God’s Word. It was not an easy thing to do. But here is the great thing, whatever the outcome may be, whether leaving or staying, changes or not, our victory…God’s victory…is that we as believers in Jesus Christ are not defeated.

    In closing, the Word calls us to stand against the powers of darkness, and with God’s help we are doing that, but the battle belongs to the Lord. We are in his hands and in his will.

    Thanks again for your articles.


  5. Bob,

    Specifically addressing your statement above where you said, “On a more proactive level, the strength and encouragement we gained led us to prayerfully and thoughtfully open a dialogue with the pastor and Board of Directors over our concerns, specifically regarding the inaccurate or incomplete preaching of God’s Word,” I rejoiced when I read that. That is what we must do. It is very wrong to simply explode or become so angry we cannot even think straight. Your approach is very godly and I see the Holy Spirit’s hand in that. Thanks for the update brother and for you encouragement.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

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