The Amillennialist affirms that the people of Israel have not been cast off or replaced, but rather, that the Gentiles have now been included among the Jews in God’s Covenantal promises. God’s redemptive plan, as first promised to Abraham, was that “all nations” would be blessed through him. Israel is, and always has been, saved the same as any other nation: by the promises to the seed, Christ. Amillennialists, do not believe in a literal 1000 year reign of Christ on earth after His second coming. Rather, they affirm that when Christ returns, the resurrection of both the righteous and wicked will take place (see John 5), followed by judgment and and the eternal state where heaven and earth merge and Christ reigns forever.

Q & A on Amillenialsim by Kim Riddlebarger

Amillenialsm, Realized Eschatology, Millenium – From Grace Online Library

A Defense of (Reformed) Amillenialism by Prof. David J. Engelsma

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  1. Mike, I mentioned this one before so maybe someone could read it too. But anyway, this pastor is a Covenant Reformed Baptist who holds to the Amill view. He has an excellent book out called The End Times Made Simple, and his name is Sam E. Waldron. Wonderful read. Easy to follow and accurate! Kim R’s book is so good. We also have his book The Man of Sin.


  2. O.k., I believe what is written about Amil’s views up until the rejection of the thousand year reign. Rev. 20: 1-3 has me so far convinced that there is going to be “that time”. I take that literally since I haven’t yet been cionvinced it is to be thought of in the spiritual sense.


  3. Correction, that’s Rev. 20:1-4 ! I did the same goof on Sarah’s site on this subject ! And I have on my reading glasses and using a large print NKJV ! I’m a post WHAT ? ! I don’t know what that is. I am working on amil currently-lol ! I am off to read more on your site so a thousand smiles to you now before I drive you crazy with any more possible posts.


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